The beach at Bathsheba

Beaches in Barbados

East Coast

For the adventurous among you the beaches of the East Coast offer amazing surfing conditions and picturesque walks. There are a few places to splash around where small pools are formed in the rocks and reefs as the waves break. An ideal spot for surfers is "The Soup Bowl" at Bathsheba, whilst walkers can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Cattlewash and the picnic spots along the East Coast Road.

West Coast

Known as the 'Platinum Coast' the beaches on the western side of the island offer golden sands lapped by clear warm waters, ideal for bothMullins Beach couples on a romantic break and families alike. You will be spoilt for choice as all the beaches on this coast are magnificent.

The closest beaches to Palm Villa are Heywards, Six Men's Bay and Mullins Bay all in St Peter. At each of these beautiful locations you will be able to enjoy the calm blue waters of the Caribbean sea, the perfect sandy beaches and the brilliant tropical sunshine.

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